MOTHERBOAR is a gang of deviants hell-bent on bringing their metal n' roll majesty to the masses. One of the most exciting bands to emerge from New England's fertile heavy music scene in years, MOTHERBOAR combine supernatural song writing skills, relentless creativity and some of the most killer riffs ever heard. These dudes just can't be stopped.

This band of handsome devils out-hesh the heshers, out-punk the punkers, and out-floor punch the floor punchers. Their balls to the wall attitude saturates every note blasted and every word bellowed. Routinely drawing comparisons to a diverse range of bands such as Mastodon, Motörhead, Clutch, and Soundgarden, MOTHERBOAR are 99% sure that they're the most awesome band ever.

Beginning in 2004, the band's intense live performances quickly earned them a fanatical following throughout the northeastern United States. Sharing the stage with such acts as The Sword, Angry Samoans, Scissorfight, Orange Goblin and Stinking Lizaveta, MOTHERBOAR have dazzled audiences with their technical prowess, charismatic stage presence and capacity for onstage alcohol consumption. MOTHERBOAR's all-out rock n' roll bombast is perfectly tempered by their roguish sense of humor - traits that are deeply refreshing in today's eyeliner-laden, misanthropic, doom and gloom metal world.

In late 2006, MOTHERBOAR released their highly anticipated debut record "Raise the Death Toll" on Witch Trial Records. Engineered and mixed by Andrew Schneider (Cave In, The Red Chord, Unsane,), "Raise the Death Toll" is a tour de force. Epic songwriting, throwback thrash riffs, break-neck tempo shifts, and unforgettable sing-alongs make their debut effort one of the most captivating albums to have come out of Boston in years.

MOTHERBOAR is poised for world domination.

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